[!] FYWangJackson Mod Application!


Hey guys! As some of you may have noticed.. the updates have been coming in slower. I’ve been kinda busy and therefore less motivated to spend time updating. So I decided to get some extra help (maybe 1-2 people; more if necessary). I’m not just gonna pick anyone because this blog is special to me and I want help from someone who will treat this blog just as I do. So.. yeah.. apply and help me? ^^;


  • Willing to put in time and effort into the blog
  • Be active on twitter (whether it be communicating with me or checking for updates)
  • Be familiar with navigating Fansites, News sites, etc. (level up on the fancafe isn’t required)
  • Speak English (I only know English..)
  • Know the basics of running a fanbase blog (tags, description html, click through link, etc. I can help explain a little more if chosen)

*You do not need to know/speak any Korean, Japanese or Chinese. (but it is a plus since I myself do not either..)


  • Preferred name: 
  • E-mail: 
  • Twitter:
  • Country:
  • Timezone:
  • Languages you know (only English is required):
  • Main tumblr URL:
  • Blogs you currently admin on:
  • Tell me why you would be a good addition to the blog:
  • Other comments:

Please send your applications to fywangjackson@gmail.com!
Deadline: Whenever I find enough help.

GOT7 japan mobile SELFIE #JACKSON Q.テストで100点とった時の表情をお願いします!

GOT7 japan mobile SELFIE #JACKSON Q.Your expression when you got 100 on your test!

Trans cr; fywangjackson Via; Youngjae Cut
Take out with full credit.